Jigsaw is our 1996 Tennessee Walking Horse. He is a big TWH at 16.2 hands tall…he's a big in size and in personality.  Jigsaw has been with us since 2001 and he's proven himself to be an awesome trail horse and one of the best pony horses you could ask for. He is incredibly funny with antics that never stop, he is the entertainment of the farm.  We refer to him as the "Judge", he is our only gelding and when he tells the girls to move, they move.  He's a very fair Judge, never picks on anyone and never kicks nor bites, none of our horses do, he's taught them well.  Jigsaw is one of a kind, and at times you’re very thankful for that, but he's a horse that will always be with us.  Our buddy - our best friend. 

Jigsaw's Video Gallery
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 Playing with Solitaire Nov 2010

Jigsaw's Photo Gallery
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March 2015, Jigsaw loves his nose kisses, they put him in a trance.