FWF Princess Hopscotch

Hopscotch is our 16.2+ hand May 2006 Friesdale.  She is sister to our Scrabble and Yatzee by the same 17 hand Friesian Sire Pieter fan Lutke Peinjum (Koning).   Hopscotch's Dam is a 16.3 hand Clydesdale. 

Hopscotch is an incredibly sweet and kind horse.  Her ears are always up, with a kind eye and full of curiosity.  She always wants to be with people when ever they come to the barn and she is every foals best friend, they all hang with Hopscotch like their favorite Nanny.  We have been riding her since she was 4 and was so easy to start and does anything we ask her do to.  She is so playful in the pastures with the foals and younger horses yet on the trails she is serious about the task at hand.  She is an incredible Momma to her foals and everyone else's foals.  Hopscotch is 3/4 sister to Scrabble and you can tell in everyway, including their kindness and loving nature.

Hopscotch took Reserve Champion and 2nd at her first IFSHA USEF show.  

Hopscoth's Video Gallery
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Going Swimming  &  Paying in Snow with Solitaire  &  Sept 11 2012 in arena

Hopscotch's Photo Gallery
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May 2015


Pictured 4 hours old
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